Wednesday Haiku. #20.

“To my creditors –

Please don’t bother sending bills.

I have no money.”

– Elisabet Ney, Sculptor

UPDATE: Guys, this was simply an amusing quote I saw on a sign at the Elisabet Ney Museum (which sits on a lovely parcel of land just across from the casita I lived in last summer).  No need to start a collection in my name, I promise.  (Unless you want to.)  Sometimes a haiku is just a haiku.

No money, but look what she left behind for the rest of us:


Democracy (Or, “What Would Tami Taylor Do?”).


I’m sorry to say I wasn’t in the Capitol gallery or rotunda last Tuesday night (unlike my friends Cee and Ess and so many other good people), but I was on the Capitol lawn today (with the Bestie) for the rally to Stand with Texas Women.  In case you guys haven’t been paying attention, there are some real buffoons in the state house here in my new home state (Yes, Rick Perry, I’m looking at you).  Unfortunately, they also wield some serious power and are on the verge of passing some really bad bad stuff (Hint: it has to do with women’s health.  And vaginas.)  Yes, this bad bad stuff is even worse than the bad bad stuff they passed the last time they assembled, if you can believe it.  Almost makes a gal glad that they only meet every other year.  Almost.

Seriously, buffoons, knock it off.

Okay.  Time to register to vote in Texas.  2014!