Things I’ve Noticed About Life In Suburbia: #12.

#12: New York City spoiled me for many things, but I’d say, hands down, one of the conveniences that I most miss is being able to walk into any number of salons on any number of city blocks and get a first rate(ish) pedicure in a clean(ish) environment with shiny(ish) work stations and new(ish) tools.  Since I’ve been away from New York I’ve probably visited four different nail establishments and every time I felt like I was playing Hepatitis C Russian Roulette.  Now, I feel about Hep C at nail salons the same way I feel about bed bugs at hotels: Decidedly against it happening to me, exceedingly sympathetic towards those afflicted, and irrationally paranoid (seriously, crazytown paranoid) that it’s just a matter of time.  In short, I miss meeting Carrie at the Dashing Diva on Smith Street with its fifty shades of pink on the walls and upholstery and the super sweet staff offering “hot tea or water?” and the strange Japanese cartoons on the flatscreen TV and the selection of nail colors with names like “In a New York Minute” and “Bridge & Tunnel.”  And the big microwave-y looking thing that they sterilize all of the tools in between treatments.  I probably miss that the most.


One thought on “Things I’ve Noticed About Life In Suburbia: #12.

  1. It’s impossible to miss what you’ve never had, and yet a clean, cheap and easy to find pedicure is definitely on my list of things I wish I could miss. :)

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