Observations From the Road. #1: New Mexico Edition.

Guys, New Mexico is beautiful.  Seriously.  And I think I’m driving across the least beautiful slice of this beautiful state (but I can see the beautiful bits in the distance.  Mesas!), so imagine how beautiful the more beautiful chunk must be when you’re actually in it.  Imagine.

Oh, and there are signs on this stretch of I-10 in New Mexico, lots of helpful signs.  They say things like “Dust Storms Next 15 Miles” and “Prison Facilities.  Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers.”  Helpful stuff like that.  As my big sis said, “Definitely don’t pick up any hitchhikers near the prison facilities during a dust storm.”  Solid advice.

Downside to this beautiful slice of New Mexico: My Starbucks app can’t locate any Starbucks in my area.  I could blame it on the new iPhone maps debacle, but I actually think there just aren’t any Starbucks in the area.  So onward I go.  On the road again.  Next up: Arizona!

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