Wednesday Haiku: Aunt Kathy Edition.

Anyone who says

water aerobics isn’t

hard? No-good-liar.

Can I take a minute to tell you guys about my Aunt Kathy?  (It’s a completely legit segue-way; we did water aerobics this morning.)  It won’t take long, I promise.  While I feel certain I could fill up pages and pages trying to do her justice, I’ll simply say the following: She’s one of the very best people I know.  Like way at the top, tippy top of the list of quality humans I feel lucky to claim as my tribe.  She talks passionately about things like the importance of taking deep breaths and about meditation and positive energy and the like and I’ve come to fully realize on this trip something that I think I knew all along:  For me, Aunt Kathy is a deep breath.  Whenever I’m in her presence I draw her in and fill my lungs with her and I feel some of the light and air and good bits that she’s made up of, the joyful essence of her, lift me up and somehow lighten my own load. She doesn’t just make me want to be better, she actually makes me better.  I should tell her that more often.

A deep breath.  A kindred spirit.  A kick-ass water aerobics buddy.  My Aunt Kathy.

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