What To Do, To Do, To Do.

Sorry to say, my mega out of control longer than my arm To Do list is back.  Truth be told, I’ve been guilty of a mess of neglect where it’s concerned so I’m not sure why its tremendous size is so alarming to me now that I’ve come up for air and decided to take stock.  Here I sit, at this corner desk in Santa Cruz, beautiful morning sunlight streaming in, and I’m surrounded by scraps and bits and nuggets of To Do, To Do, To Do.

Here goes:


Go to the post office and mail your brother’s wedding anniversary card.  Seriously, the anniversary was days ago.  And you used to visit the post office every 24 hours or so.  What’s happened to you?

Ten points on the board for finally (finally) calling that Prudential guy back and opening an IRA to roll your WME money into.  Kudos to you, but don’t rest on your laurels: Track down your Hachette money (you know, that job you left in 2007) and get those funds rolled over, too.

(An aside: The Prudential guy asked me what my income would be for this year.  I replied: “Can you really put a price tag on happiness, Brian?”  And then I asked him to help me secret half a million dollars.)

Watch your Yankees make a triumphant comeback in the ALCS today.  Related: Send Derek Jeter flowers.


Use the word “wiseacre” at least once.

Finish the stack of magazines that’s traveled with you from Austin to Santa Cruz.  Three Yoga Journals, Two Bon Appetits, and a Lucky Peach in a pear tree.

Send a Save the Date for your triumphant (albeit too brief) return to NYC.

Go to Trader Joe’s to pick up some non-dairy frozen treats for Grandma.  You’ll be glad you did.


I wasn’t going to include “start thinking about your taxes,” but your accountant (she’s a real ball-buster, and your big sis) just told you to start thinking about your taxes.  So: Start thinking about your taxes.  Groan.

Oh, and you still need to compose that letter to the Astronomy Department Chair at UF.  See if MJR will help you with this.  Get it done.

Seriously, with all of this stuff To Do how am I possibly going to fit in hot-from-the-wood-burning-oven pizza, a movie (I’m thinking Seven Psychopaths), and a yoga class later (that water aerobics did a number on my calves and I need to stretttcccchhhhh)?  Don’t worry, dedicated readers, I’ll make it work.

2 thoughts on “What To Do, To Do, To Do.

  1. We should totally GO TO THE MOVIES while we’re together. P. S. I think we’ll need a monthly week-long road trip to get everything I want us to do together done!

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