Oh, the Things Mrs. Johnny Rocket Says. #3.

I’m fairly certain Mrs. Johnny Rocket and I had a similar conversation about seventeen years ago when I was applying for my first job in publishing, but this little exchange took place today when I mentioned a job here in Austin that I’m waiting to hear back on.  Some things (and some moms) never change:

MJR: “You just tell those people that you’ll solve every problem they have if they’ll cooperate with you.”

Me: “Will do.”

MJR: “And if they don’t, you send me their phone numbers and I’ll call them.”

Me: “Of course I will, Mom.”

One thought on “Oh, the Things Mrs. Johnny Rocket Says. #3.

  1. These are great. Your mother’s comments remind me of my grandmother years ago saying to me, “Just tell them who you are!” Of course I did not know who I was then, nor do I now. Mothers and grandmothers are always looking out for us–thank goodness.

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