Guys, Did You Hear About Kim Jong Un?

kim jong

Apparently, there’s a picture floating around of North Korea’s young dictator in his war room with all of his buddies (many of them wearing some quite fetching hats) and they’re going over a large map, spread across an even larger table, which details specific military targets within the U.S.  Exciting news!  Austin’s a target!  Which is really only exciting because it’s opened the door to all sorts of hilarious tweets (#WhyAustin) about the reasoning behind this nuclear shade being thrown by KJU at our little “People’s Republic of Austin.”  I know, I know, everyone’s busy today with Easter egg dying and last minute Peeps buying and the like, but do yourselves a favor and follow this link.  It’s good for a chuckle or two.

kim jong 2


One thought on “Guys, Did You Hear About Kim Jong Un?

  1. If only Dennis Rodman would consider moving to Travis Heights. Problem solved.
    KJU: Oh, my buddy, Dennis, but I was going to bomb there…
    Rodman: Well, look, I hop on S. Congress, I’m on Pecan in minutes, man.
    KJU: But I thought you were a Spurs man, you know. That is really, really where you learned to become, you know, Dennis Rodman, in San Antonio! You see, that is about an hour away, and I was going to use our glorious 20-megaton blast! But you will be safe – what is that, about an hour fifteen? Oh, buddy, please…
    Rodman: No, man, come on. Y’ever been down 6th Street, man? If you can’t get laid there, man – even you, Kim, even you!
    KJU: Oh, do you mean that, buddy?
    Rodman: Man, and the music scene. And there’s a bridge with bats coming out of it ‘n shit, swimming pools, barbecue…
    KJU: OOH, okay, okay, you win, my buddy.

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