3-0 L-B-S.

I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that most everything in my life has changed since I started this blog almost a year ago, either wholly and completely (my zip code, my employment status, my ability to suffer fools) or just ever so slightly but enough to count (my hair color, my knowledge of gardening, my downward dog).  And, given that I’ve happily dedicated beau-coup space here over the last almost year to celebrating the great and good things about my assorted friends and family members, I thought I’d take a moment now to celebrate, well, me.  ‘Cause know what else has changed this year, dedicated readers?  I’m thirty pounds lighter as of today.  Yes, 3-0.   I’m sure I could wax philosophical about that impressive number; I could string together some lovely sentences about all of the heavy things I’ve shed (bad habits, worse relationships) in favor of the light-as-a-feather items I’ve picked up.  But, really, what more is there to say?

3-0 L-B-S.

6 thoughts on “3-0 L-B-S.

  1. Dude, what’s the secret? Insanity? P90X? I thought you were looking foxy brown last month. Now I know why. Keep it up soldier.

  2. Congrats…You so deserve to celebrate yourself! And thank you for inspiring me to get on this path with you. Your support, tips, and sense of humor about the whole thing have made a difference. Now go get your free Ben & Jerry’s :-)

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