June 1. Again.

Guys, I did a really jerky jerk thing.  I forgot my big sis’s birthday.  Totally, completely forgot. Which, in the grand scheme, isn’t the worst thing a gal could do, I know.  And my big sis is the forgiving sort, luckily. But forgetting her birthday on May 21 – and not remembering that I forgot until two days later – was a wake-up call of sorts for me.  That forgetfulness, compounded with other little slips, recent small steps backward – well, let’s just say that I didn’t uproot and change my entire life just to find myself right back where I started.  No sir, I did not.

I know it’s been a million years since I last updated you and I’m sure you have lots of questions about what I’ve been up to.  Don’t worry, dear readers, all will be revealed in due time. But that’s for tomorrow or the next day.  Today, I’m feeling inspired to make some resolutions – to do some course correcting.  It’s June 1, guys!  And you remember how important June 1 is to me, right? (If not, check out this blog’s entry from June 4, 2012).

Best of all, it’s beginning to feel a lot like summer around here in lovely Austin, TX.  The students are heading out of town, the temperature’s heating up, and I’m longing for those idyllic days I enjoyed when I first arrived in 2012.  Days when I really didn’t know many people here, but I never felt lonely or bored.  I’m longing for dips in cool water, walks around Town Lake, icy and dark movie theaters, afternoon naps, lap swimming at Deep Eddy, yoga at Dharma, mailing postcards and birthday cards (on time!) at the Hyde Park post office, memorizing poetry on evening strolls, getting lost in a good book on a blanket in the shade of a tree; all of it, guys, I’m longing for all of it.  Better still, it all feels possible — feels within reach.  So here I am on June 1 – poking my head up to say “hello” after a long absence and resolved to getting back to the business of being blissfully blissful, all while staying in touch with each of you.  And I’m resolved to send my sister a birthday card.  Definitely that, too.

In short (because I’m a bit rusty): It’s June 1.  I’m back.  Did you miss me?

4 thoughts on “June 1. Again.

  1. We celebrated my birthday all month so any greeting in May was on time. :) I’m sorry we haven’t connected by phone lately but we’ll make up for it soon I’m sure. I love you!

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