To Do Redo.

Let’s check in and see where I’m at with that to do list, shall we?

Here’s an update:

Hand wash delicates.  Check!

Vacuum room.  Fuck.

Learn everything you can about the year 1986 (more on that later).  Making good progress on this one.  Felt somewhat guilty the other day when I was excited to discover that both the Challenger disaster and Chernobyl happened in 1986.

Buy Jenny’s birthday present (I have been agonizing over this one for days; all suggestions welcome, family!).  Have decided not to buy her a present, but will still be giving her a present.  Intrigued?  Check back here on May 21 if you want to see it.

Write some blogs for next week (Patty and I are hitting Palm Beach and I don’t want my six dedicated readers to have nothing to entertain them.  You know who you are.)  Check!  That’s how you’re able to read this.  Yup, take a moment to picture me and Patty lounging in our private poolside cabana.  That’s where we are.  Right.  Now.

Remove the old coffee maker that has been replaced with newish coffee maker (Probably won’t do this; probably will ask brother to do it).  Brian did this!  Three cheers for Brian!  (More on Brian later)

Reply to ____’s email (former client, super lovely, who sent me a sweet note last month and I haven’t written back yet.  Must do this!)  Fuck!

Reply to ____’s email (also a former client.  Not as lovely.  Probably won’t do this.)  Check! (Meaning, I’m not doing this one.  Ever.)

Buy that thoughtful gift for the Bestie that you keep forgetting to buy.  Check!  

Wax upper lip (full transparency here, people).  Check!

Get some health insurance.  Not yet.  Soon.

Make a budget.  Ha!

Download WWOZ 90.7 FM App to iPhone so that you can listen to the smooth sounds of New Orleans as often as you’d like (Actually, already did this, but thought you guys would want to know about it so you can, too)

Schedule Living Social massage that you’re starting to regret buying because the place looked a bit sketchy when you Googled it.  Still not sure about this one.

Write the Astronomy Department Chairman a letter about your dad’s fund.  Next week!

Figure out your future.  I think about doing this one every day.

Get an oil change.  Soon, Cleveland, soon.   Although I did recently read a Self magazine piece that said we probably don’t need to be getting oil changes as often as we think we do.  

Make a new running mix on iPod (Please, please try to remember that you don’t enjoy running to R-E-S-P-E-C-T by Aretha Franklin.  Seriously.  Stop putting this on all of your running mixes).  NEW

Go through all of your boxes and pick out items to take to Austin on June 1.  NEW

Take MJR to the YMCA.  NEW

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